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Company Overview

Total Customers™ is an innovative product designed to drive targeted customers to your website, anywhere, anytime!

There's no need to try out expensive marketing services that don't narrow the focus to a specific demographic. We've spent years researching ways to increase your website traffic. Get started today and we will craft a customized solution that will deliver the results you deserve.
Unlock the true potential of your website.

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    We strive to assist business owners in bringing their company to the next level of success. We'll help you increase your client pool and generate massive results. Interact with real people that have a keen interest in what you offer. Have repeat customers that provide you with steady income and a strong flow of business.
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    We are well-versed in the various types of marketing. We've put in the effort to research each strategy and understand what works best. Our team has created a combination solution of several aspects like banners, ads, and paid traffic. It's our job to know what unique combination will benefit your company.
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    We are a professional company established in (Brisbane) Australia and (London) United Kingdom. Our reach extends through Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. We've built a quality reputation in these regions, and we're looking to expand our availability across these nations and beyond.
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    Contact us through e-mail, or have your questions answered through the FAQ. We keep detailed logs of all interactions in past and presentto ensure we're able to help our customers thoroughly. This also helps us monitor our response times to see if there's any room for improvement. We're in the process of setting up an international phone support helpdesk for all 5 countries that we support. For now, simply send us an email and our dedicated support team will deliver a fast and professional response.
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    We guarantee to deliver the full monthly results outlined in each package. View the Google Traffic Report, to see the customers we've delivered to your website. If we haven't delivered the full number of customers that you purchased, we will provide a full refund of that months service.
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    We're always exploring new ways to improving ourselves and discovering new features to add. We're building products that will improve our business and yours. Rest assured, we listen to the requests we receive for products and services and are working tirelessly to deliver the best services.

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Total Customers™
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You Saved My Business
"During these hard financial times much fewer people are looking for our service. You helped us get in front of customers that we were invisible to before. I don't know exactly how you did it but I am sure that without your service my business would no longer be here"
Dry Cleaning Services - Sal

Not Another SEO Offer
"We were spending more and more on Pay Per Click and we kept wasting time and money on SEO services. We ignore the constant emails with different website offers but your email stood out so we decided to give it a try. You have a quality product that delivers and the value for money is amazing,"
Catering Services - Belinda

A Must Have Business Product
"Every day we see new customers and are reminded of just how good this service is. This is the must have business product of 2015. You have a loyal customer here. Please keep us updated on any new developments"
Promotional Products - Chris