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Total Customers™ is designed to jumpstart your business and unlock the true potential of your website online.

As Easy As, One, Two, Three

It takes only a minute to subscribe & confirm your details. Then within 24 hours we will start sending customers to your website.

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Step 1: Getting started is super easy
( 30 Seconds )

Click on the package that meets your requirements and follow the simple steps to subscribe. It takes only a minute to become a member and unlock powerful results. No contracts - you are free to cancel anytime you want.
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Step 2: Confirm Website and Industry
( 2 Minutes )
After subscribing you will be directed to the members area where you will be asked to confirm your website address, industry, keywords and the location of your customers. After confirming the details, we will create a custom marketing profile and deliver the best possible customers.
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Step 3: Start getting new customers
( 24 Hours )
We will match all your requirements and start sending targeted traffic. You will be able to confirm each and every customer in the Google Traffic Report in your member's area.

Frequent Questions

Below you will find answers to our most common questions.

Q What is Total Customers?
A Total Customers is a no-hassle service that gets quality customers visiting your website. Simply sign up, spend a couple minutes submitting your information, and start seeing new customers visiting your site within a day. Despite being inexpensive the service can achieve the ultimate goal that most website owners strive for but very few ever achieve.
A website that makes your phone ring and delivers a steady flow of sales/enquiries.
Q How do you bring customers to my site?
A We use a combination of marketing methods depending on your business' needs such as pay per click, remarketing, and banners. We target customers based on their locations and industry. Our team first builds your custom designed marketing profile so we know the best strategy to use. No marketing plan is 'one size fits all'.

Q Do you edit or install anything onto my website?
A No, we don't touch your website in any way. This is a stand-alone solution that simply delivers customers to your website.

Q Can I upgrade the services or add a second package?
A Yes, once you get to know our service, feel free to upgrade to a larger package or signup for additional packages.
Q Do you provide updates or add-ons for your services?
A Yes, we're always developing new features and services. Our team looks for new ways to improve our service so we can provide better results for our clients. New upgrades are provided free and we'll let you know whenever something becomes available.
Q When will I see new visitors on my website?
A After confirming your details (only takes a min), we immediately start preparing your custom marketing profile. We'll e-mail you when the service is active and you'll see new customers within twenty-four hours. You can then Login and review your Google Traffic Report to confirm each and every customer visiting your website.

Q How is your service different from SEO?
A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about changing and improving your website so that it's easily found by search engines. It can take months to see results, and if your SEO is unsuccessful it can hurt your Google ranking or you may be penalized.

Total Customers is Safe, Guaranteed, there is nothing to edit or install and you will start to see the results within 24 hours.

Q Do I have to sign a contract and can I cancel my subscription?
A No, there are no lock-in contracts and you can cancel your subscription at your leisure without penalty. Subscriptions are charged automatically. When you subscribe using PayPal you can start/stop/cancel the subscription yourself - inside your PayPal account.
Q Will you provide local customers?
A Of course! We can target customers within 20km/miles of your location or within a list of suburbs or by state, national or even international.
Q How do I view my results?
A In the members area on our website you will see a detailed Google Traffic Report, outlining the exclusive visitors that we send to your website.

Q Are there any website restrictions?
A We don't support sites containing porn, gambling, scams, or illegal goods. Send us a message to inquire about your website's eligibility.

Q Are your results guaranteed?
A Yes! We'll send you the total number of customers you purchased for each month. If we fail to deliver the full amount in any month, you will receive a full refund for that months service.

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You Saved My Business
"During these hard financial times much fewer people are looking for our service. You helped us get in front of customers that we were invisible to before. I don't know exactly how you did it but I am sure that without your service my business would no longer be here"
Dry Cleaning Services - Sal

Not Another SEO Offer
"We were spending more and more on Pay Per Click and we kept wasting time and money on SEO services. We ignore the constant emails with different website offers but your email stood out so we decided to give it a try. You have a quality product that delivers and the value for money is amazing,"
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A Must Have Business Product
"Every day we see new customers and are reminded of just how good this service is. This is the must have business product of 2015. You have a loyal customer here. Please keep us updated on any new developments"
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